Sampradaya Dance Creations celebrates 30th anniversary

Sampradaya Dance Creations celebrates its 30th Anniversary with MANDALA – a daring, new, kinetic work.

Six virtuosic dancers and four acclaimed musicians consecrate the stage with dynamic movement and evocative music, exciting the imagination and transcending borders of culture, religion and ethnicity. This stunning performance brings to life a performed meditation in dance, combining the mantras of Hinduism and the sand mandalas of Tibetan Buddhist practice.

Described by The New York Times as “a company of rare dance vitality” Sampradaya Dance Creations is at the forefront of South Asian dance in Canada. At the core of the Company’s artistic vision is the belief that dance is a powerful vehicle to communicate the magic, beauty and mystery of life. Inspired by the way dance excites the imagination of its audiences, their dynamic works become an agent for change in society. Creatively, SAMPRADAYA Dance Creations’ works are based in the classical form of Bharatanatyam. Founded in 1990 by Artistic Director Lata Pada, C.M. SAMPRADAYA Dance Creations is an internationally recognized Canadian dance company. Under Ms. Pada’s artistic stewardship and supported by the Board’s strategic visioning, Sampradaya Dance Creations serves a diverse populace. It has grown over the years into an active and vibrant organization leading the development of South Asian dance in Canada.

The performance takes place on October 19th at the Living Arts Centre, in Hammerson Hall. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling the Box Office at 905-306-6000.

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