Seneca HELIX participant a finalist in small business challenge

Virtual reality (VR) tech company and Seneca HELIX participant InStage was selected as a top five finalist for Telus Pitch 2019.

The Toronto-based company uses VR headsets to provide individuals and businesses with simulated spaces for training, delivering presentations and public speaking.

Seneca’s on-campus incubator for entrepreneurs, called HELIX, helps companies like InStage launch their innovative ideas into successful businesses.

“I have an engineering background and was looking for help with business knowledge. HELIX has the most passionate staff, the people who are involved in the program are knowledgeable and they care about helping your business. And that’s rare,” said Imran Mouna, InStage co-founder.

Seneca is the first post-secondary institution with an InStage kiosk, which is housed in the HELIX space and is used to help students and members of the public prepare for presentations and interviews.

“Working with Imran has been a great experience. He came to HELIX with a creative idea that could make an actual impact and he was already making connections in the market. We are very happy and proud of his team’s success,” said Chris Dudley, Seneca’s director of entrepreneurship.

Telus Pitch is an annual contest for small businesses with creative ideas and it received thousands of applications from across the country this year. InStage won $10,000 for making it to the top five.

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