Superstardom returns to the Living Arts Centre

There are a lot of reasons to go see Sharron Matthews perform.

She’s a not just a good singer, she’s a great singer. Theatre critics around the world fawn over her. She currently stars on CBC’s Frankie Drake Mysteries but you remember her as Joan the Secretary from the film Mean Girls and she is recognized as a pioneer of Cabaret performance; traveling the world to do it.

These are all perfectly valid reasons to attend a Matthews’ performance, but here’s another. She’s bringing her show to Mississauga, so you can.

Sharron Matthews, Superstar has earned raves from audiences across Canada, to New York City, London, Scotland, to South Africa and now it checks into the Living Arts Centre on May 10 as part of the Audacious Women series.

In the show, Matthews sings songs popularized by others. She weaves the re-imagined music of well-known artists including Lady Gaga, Kiss, Styx, the Bee Gees, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Radiohead, Beyonce, Queen and many more.

“It’s intimate without being intrusive,” says Matthews. “I get to watch women in the audience nod their heads in agreement while their husbands hide their eyes.”

Along with the music, the show features Matthews telling stories and sounding off about topics both personal and universal.

If the past is any indication, it will leave you counting the days until you can see her again.

Sharron Matthews, Superstar performs at the Living Arts Centre on May 10 at 7:30 p.m.
Tickets are available online here.

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