Sloan is still rockin’ after all these years.

Sloan are one of the rare bands to make it to their 12th album with all four original members intact. Chris Murphy, Andrew Scot, Patrick Pentland, and Jay Ferguson are equally prolific songwriters and players that are all still working at the top of their respective games.

Sloan’s current tour checks into The Rose Theatre on October 10.

Formed in Halifax but based in Toronto for a quarter century, Slaon are credited as being a touchstone for the East Coast alternative scene of the early 90s, frequently compared to the Seattle Grunge movement on the opposite coast. Their single, Underwhelmed, owned the alternative charts in 1992.

Over the next 26 years, Sloan amassed an outstanding collection of over 200 songs and more than 30 singles with airplay at Canadian Rock Radio. They have also received nine Juno Award nominations, and won for Best Alternative Album in 1997.

Recently, the band was named one of Canada’s top five bands of all-time in a CBC critics poll and they continue to tour the country as one of Canada’s best loved live acts.

Fans can expect to hear, Losing California, Money City Maniacs, The Good in Everyone, alongside tunes from their 12th album, 12, released last year.

Sloan perform at the Rose Theatre on October 10.
Tickets are available here.

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