Statistics Canada confirms growth, youth and diversity in Brampton

Census figures from Statistics Canada underscores strong growth, youth and ethno-cultural diversity in Brampton, making it an attractive location for business and government investment.

Population growth continues to be driven by immigration, with more than 52 per cent of the community born outside of Canada. People from 234 distinct ethnic backgrounds live in Brampton, a city that ranks fifth in Canada for population diversity.

“Brampton is an exciting and dynamic place to live and work,” said Mayor Linda Jeffrey, in a news release. “People from around the world are choosing to live here. Business and all levels of government are recognizing that growth through targeted investment in our city.”

In fact, according to Statistics Canada, almost 40 people choose to move to Brampton every day. With a net increase of almost 70,000 people since the 2011 census, the city is the second fastest growing community of the 25 largest cities in Canada. No small wonder then, that Brampton’s growth rate is double that of Peel Region, three times greater than Ontario, and two-and-a-half times more than national figures.

As well, the city continues to rank among the youngest large cities in Canada. The average age is 36.5, compared to 39.7 for the Greater Toronto Area and 41.0 for both the province and Canada.

Recognizing its young and growing population, the Province of Ontario has committed to supporting a new university in Brampton, bringing innovative approaches to skills development needed to build the workforce of tomorrow.

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