Telephone town hall reveals senior care top of mind for Mississauga residents

Long-term care beds, wait times for hip and knee surgeries and other specialized needs for seniors were on the minds of community residents during a recent Trillium Health Partners (THP) telephone town hall. More than 13,500 residents participated in the hour-long call hosted by THP President and CEO Michelle DiEmanuele alongside other senior leaders from the hospital.  

In response to questions about long-term care, DiEmanuele discussed THP’s government-approved plan to build two long-term care homes that will add 540 new beds. THP’s approved hospital expansion project will also add approximately 500 new hospital beds and replace more than 500 hospital beds at the Mississauga Hospital and Queensway Health Centre. The projects will enable the hospital to continue to provide high quality, accessible and sustainable care for the people of Mississauga and the surrounding areas.  

Telephone town hall participants also asked how to determine where to best access care in the event they require non-emergency services. Some of the best options available to the community include a family doctor, Telehealth Ontario and online resources like as a first point of care. The THP urgent care centre at Queensway Health Centre is another option that is available in the event of concerns when a family doctor is not available. The emergency department is always available for urgent matters. 

Call participants responded to a series of polling questions asked during the telephone town hall. Highlights include 56 per cent of responders indicated they are not aware of available healthcare services outside of the hospital; 76 per cent said they are aware the hospital needs to add more rooms for more beds to serve this community; 59 per cent indicated they have had a flu shot; and 63 per cent indicated THP is focused on the right things for the community while 33 per cent are not sure.

“As we begin our ten-year plan to grow health care services and improve patient experience, we’re mindful that a strategy is only as good as how it’s put into action,” said DiEmanuele. “All of these thoughtful conversations we’re having with people in our community are the foundation of the actions we’re taking to better serve our patients needs today and tomorrow.”  

Visit to hear a complete recording of the town hall call.

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