After receiving delivery of his Tesla 3, Stephen Ozsungur is making it available to anyone who wants to rent the much-hyped electric vehicle. The Mississauga resident has made the car, the latest model from Tesla, available on the ride-sharing site Turo.

“I’ve always had a passion for Tesla, I’ve always wanted the car, but I couldn’t really justify spending the money on a new Model S (just under $100,000) and Model X (over $100,000) because both my wife, Jennifer, and I have corporate vehicles,” said the 36-year-old salesman. “But I had a lot of immense passion for (Tesla). I wanted to find a way to rent the Model S and Model X just to have it for the weekend and that’s when I discovered Turo. It was about six months ago. Renting it is a way to help pay off the car, but also potentially generate a positive cash flow.”

It cost $1,000 Canadian to reserve the car and Ozsunger did it on March 31, 2016, the first day the orders were made available. About 500,000 Tesla 3 models were reserved worldwide. It is expected by the end of June, when 9,000 Tesla will be delivered to people in Ontario. The cost is $80,000, but there is a $14,000 provincial rebate.

“It drives like a dream,” he said. “It’s a really fun car. It’s technologically advanced and it’s super, super safe because there is no engine in front. It’s got 500-kilometre range, which is unprecedented in the world of electric vehicles. There are no electric vehicles at this price category with this kind of esthetic that would provide that kind of a range.”

The car can be picked up at Ozsungur’s home, or can be delivered for a nominal price to the renter.

“I’ll drive it there, drop it off and give them a quick walkthrough,” he said.

He has put together some videos because he said it’s the type of car that requires a little bit of prior knowledge, and they can be viewed on a website he started,

Ozsungur listed the car for rent on June 2 and within a three-day time frame he had five dates booked. As for why he would want someone else to drive it after waiting so long for it, Ozsungur has a rather succinct answer.

“I don’t idolize material goods, if that makes sense,” he said. “Material goods are material goods. I know I paid for it. It’s insured. It’s covered. For me, creating an asset out of a liability makes more sense. I’m a very entrepreneurial person. I’m very business minded, so my car can continue to earn money for me while I’m not using it.

“It’s to have my money work for me, create a self-sustainable business model while I can still be with my wife and kids (Aksel, 6, and Zaven, 4). They see what I do. Hopefully I can be somewhat of an influence for them.”

Photo: Mississauga resident Stephen Ozsundur stands in front of his new Tesla Model 3. Perry Lefko photo

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