Cultural roots and modernity collide at PAMA

Groove-oriented hip hop beats and fusions of classical ragas will fill PAMA with South Asian flair.

This fall sees the opening of Blue God and the Serpents, a brand new multi-media exhibition by Brampton-based collaborative artists. 

Singer, storyteller and writer, Indo-Canadian Sharada K. Eswar has firmly established her place as one of the most creative artists to emerge from the South Asian community. With a mesmerizing voice, she captures her listeners with stories and songs from her Indian roots.

Eswar and her collaborative team, scenographer Sonja C. Rainey and musician/producer Rup Sidhu set out to build on and expand Eswar’s work. The result was a multimedia art project conceived as shadow puppet theatre.

Blue God and the Serpents fuses sound, music, text, imagery, stunning art and movement. The show is designed to reflect contemporary life and to combat common assumptions of the South Asian culture.

With layered film, a live performance of music and shadow puppetry mixed with projection art, it’s difficult to call the work traditional despite the story itself originating from a deeply traditional place.

“The Blue God & the Serpents is a tribute to Vishnu and our planet – Earth,” says creator Sharada K. Eswar. “The work draws inspiration from the Dasavatar or the ten incarnations of Vishnu.”

Brent adds that PAMA recognized that Eswar needed to be celebrated within her Brampton community, her home with the Region of Peel.

Eswar’s work shares a story that connects with the South Asian community in the region but also innovates by blending modern music and technology with traditional art forms.

“This is a storytelling experience not to be missed,” adds Brent.

The PAMA is also offering several new programs this fall. Seniors Series: Museum Memories is a free event on the second Tuesday afternoon of each month. The Brampton Folk Club concert series features themed, in-the-round music performances on the second Thursday evening each month. As well, Queer Exposure is a chance on fourth Thursdays this fall to join a conversation and celebration of the queer and transgender communities in Peel Region.

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