By Perry Lefko

Irony or coincidence? You be the judge.

I recently traveled to the U.S. to meet Fred Hertrich III, the new chairman of the Breeders’ Cup Ltd., which oversees the Breeders’ Cup, thoroughbred racing’s annual world championship. I am writing an article about Hertrich, who took over last September, for a thoroughbred publication.

I brought along a copy of my book The Greatest Show On Turf, the first-ever history of the Breeders’ Cup and the first of several books I have written. It was published in 1996, in time for the first (and only) Breeders’ Cup in Canada. I wanted to give Fred a copy of the book, but I only have two and both are personal.

I was recently apprised by John Sokolowski, a professional sports photographer who lives in Mississauga, that he saw my book for a sale on a rack at the Streetsville Library. I asked him to buy it and I’d pay him back. He assured me that the book would probably still be there if I returned the next day. Sure enough he was right.

So I picked up the book and decided to buy it (hey, for $1, the price was right). I approached the woman at the front desk and told her I wanted to buy the book, but first I said, “Does that photo on the back cover of the author look like anybody?”

She looked at it a couple times, then looked at me, and said, “Is that you?”

I said, “Yes, I wrote that book and I live in Mississauga.”

The book had an inscription in it from someone who gave it someone else as a birthday present back in 1998.

Well, I now have the book and I can send it Fred. He doesn’t mind it being re-gifted. Remember that line from a Seinfeld episode? The bottom line is if you see one of my books for sale, please buy it because I know you will enjoy reading it. Or contact me and I will hurry over to the library to buy it.

If the book happens to be for sale in a Mississauga library or a used book store, all the better. Mississauga proud!

Photo supplied by John Sokolowski



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