Three tips to stay safe on the roads

Winter weather is here and we need to be aware of our driving habits. The Peel Regional Police PVO (Police Vehicle Operations) Unit teaches both officers and civilian employees tips and strategies to stay safe on the roads.

Their Adverse Driving Conditions 101 course is the basic level of collision avoidance. A car reacts based on the input of the driver. Learning how to navigate through a skid by properly using the anti-lock braking system will prevent you from losing control. Tips to help include be sure to look two sets of traffic lights ahead. When poor-traction conditions are present; steering, braking and acceleration must be smooth. Always maintain a good following distance.

The key to safe driving, avoiding a collision and regaining control of your car during a skid is to keep your eyes up and look where you want to go. We all need to practice good driving habits without being distracted. Make driving your priority while behind the wheel.

Watch this video to see the PVO Unit out on the track demonstrating these tips and explaining their importance.

Photo by Barna Bartis on Unsplash

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