The Living Arts Centre’s Gallery recently opened an exciting new exhibition: Tiny Mighty Heroes. This art exhibition will be open until March 22. It will also be open on February 17 for Family Day when thousands of families are in the centre for a day of free, family-friendly programs.

Tiny Mighty Heroes asks: what makes a person, or an act, heroic? The exhibition features artworks in photography, painting, and sculpture, exploring how a child’s perceptions of and relationships with heroes develop through imagination and play. This exhibition also looks at alternative representations of heroes in popular culture, and celebrates unsung and everyday acts of courage.

Tiny Mighty Heroes is located on the 2nd floor of the Living Arts Centre, open Tuesday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Entry is completely free and open to the public – all are welcome.

Participating artists include Thoreau Bakker, Kristy Boyce, Mark Craighead, Julia Hepburn, Nethmie Hetti . Audrey Joyal, Fariba Kalantari, Avril Lopez, Laurie McGugan, and Lia Vazir.

Katie Micak is the Exhibitions and Residency Coordinator at the Living Art Centre, and is also an independent curator who has produced such projects as Vector Festival, Toronto Kids Digital Festival, and Spark Video. In addition to curation and administration, Micak is an artist and researcher primarily interested in our emotional relationship with technological devices, most recently exploring what it’s like to live with the artificially intelligent chatbot, Amazon Alexa in “The Alexa Experiment.”

For more information about the exhibition, email [email protected]

Image by Mark Craighead, ‘Computing in the Rain’

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