Trillium Health Partners launch annual lecture

On Oct. 2, Trillium Health Partners (THP) hosted a first-of-its-kind annual lecture in Mississauga, led by the hospital’s research institute, the Institute for Better Health (IBH). Launched at the Medical Psychiatry Alliance (MPA) annual conference, the event was attended by patients, families, health care providers and educators from the community, as well as The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto and THP.

To honour the ongoing legacy of former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion, whose vision, tenacity and fortitude made THP a reality, the annual lecture has been named the Hazel McCallion Endowed Lecture in Shaping Healthier Communities. McCallion has dedicated almost all of her life making communities stronger and healthier and constantly reminds people and organizations to challenge the limits of what is possible and to work together to improve health outcomes.

Dr. Edward H. Wagner, world-renowned researcher, gave the inaugural lecture where he spoke about bridging the gap between how we treat mental and physical health so we can improve overall quality of care. Wagner reflected that we must do more to improve the system to ensure patients are active in their care and decision-making.

McCallion offered her reflections as a community builder and highlighted the responsibility everyone holds to support one another and look after each other. She spoke about the importance of partnerships and how Mississauga and, in particular, THP would not have been possible without working together.

Going forward, the lectures will have a specific focus on the importance of integration and collaboration required to create a healthier community. Bringing together researchers, clinicians, patients and community members to share cutting-edge developments in health care research, it will engage on critical issues and challenges facing the health care system.

IBH will be inviting nationally and internationally acclaimed scientists and innovators to Mississauga to inspire thinking and action to advance approaches that improve the quality of care from all perspectives – patients and family, health care providers, and the broader health and social delivery system. The creation of this endowed lecture is an important step for THP and IBH, as they work to create a new kind of health care for a healthier community. In the hospital’s recently released Strategic Plan, THP commits to delivering high quality care and exceptional experiences, partnering for better health outcomes and shaping a healthier tomorrow. As THP’s research and innovation engine, IBH is a core enabler of this mission through the application of scientific expertise, innovative thinking and partnerships.

“The Hazel McCallion Endowed Lecture in Shaping Healthier Communities will create a forum for collaboration and learning among clinicians, academics, researchers and the broader community,” said Dr. Robert Reid, Trillium Health Partners, Institute for Better Health chief scientist and senior vice-president. “This lecture is an important step in advancing our goal of improving community health through research and innovation.”

Photo: Dr. Robert Reid and other honourary guests present former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion with an award in recognition of her vision, tenacity and fortitude, which has made THP a reality.


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