Vibrant Brampton festival to showcase 100 artists

Spread over seven days in July and August, the Vibrant Brampton festival will feature over 100 artists and showcase local talent and international artists including Raghav, Parichay, Aaman Trikha, Sreerama Chandra and Kinjal Chatterjee. The festival is being presented in a unique digital format this year.

The annual event is presented by the Arts & Culture Initiative of South Asia (ACISA), a non-profit organization that began its journey a few years ago and was initiated with a mandate to showcase the culture and diversity of our country.

“The sounds and sights of the various artists will present a diverse sound, providing artists from various genres to come forward with their art including music, dance and culture,” says Sandeep Prabhakar, co-founder, ACISA. Under the Vibrant Brampton banner, a spectacle of celebration will bring the best of South Asian arts, culture and heritage.”

The festival’s focus is to promote local talent and encourage and feature renowned artists from Canada, India, Pakistan, Europe and the U.K and will be broadcast on July 21, 22, 28 and 29 and August 5, 6 and 11.

“This arts festival will provide artists the opportunity to connect, create and communicate a whole new array of art in different forms, with each artist bringing their best to thousands of people across the globe,” said Ricky Bajaj, President and co-founder of the festival.”  The audience will experience varied art forms, whether it is Bhangra beats or Bollywood dance moves or an assortment of other art forms emerging from the roots of the South Asian continent.”


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