Vision to make Brampton the cybersecurity capital of Canada

Collaboration between Ryerson University and the City of Brampton is leading to exciting developments.

Brampton Committee of Council approved a motion to direct staff to establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ryerson University outlining the required funding and resources needed for establishing the Ryerson University-led Innovation Hub and Cybersecure Catalyst in downtown Brampton. This motion will go to council next week for ratification.

Financial implications and funding of the Cybersecure Catalyst and the pilot incubation/innovation hub will also be considered as part of the city’s 2019 budget deliberations, which begin on March 18.

This motion follows a presentation by Glenn Craney, deputy provost and vice-provost, university planning, Ryerson University, on the school’s vision for making Brampton the cybersecurity capital of Canada.

The vision includes:

• Growing the Chang School offerings: Chang School of Continuing education recently launched two cybersecurity courses, both held at Brampton City Hall West Tower. Plans are underway to offer full certificate programs.
• Launching the Brampton Innovation Hub: The Brampton Incubation/Innovation Hub will also be located within the West Tower and renovations to the space are nearing completion. Ryerson University, which operates ‘DMZ’, the world’s leading university-led incubator for early-stage technology startups, is an established leader in innovation and start-up zones.
• Launching the Cybersecure Catalyst: Cybersecure Catalyst is planned to be a new national centre for innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity. Recognizing that cybercrime will cost $6 trillion in damages for companies globally and there will be close to 1.5 million unfilled jobs by the end of this year, this centre will be a hub for cybersecurity by providing professional training, research and development, commercial incubation and public education.

“This is a very exciting move forward for Brampton, moving important projects with Ryerson University closer to reality. These projects will help spur economic growth, create jobs, and position Brampton as a hub for cybersecurity. Our post-secondary students will now have the options to get into a field that is globally relevant, and reinforce our position as an important, global city,” said Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown.


Photo: Cybercrime will cost $6 trillion in damages for companies globally and there will be close to 1.5 million unfilled jobs by the end of this year.


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