Women in Policing: Jenna Downs’ story

It all started back in Grade 11, when Jenna Downs was taking a law course. It was the spark that ignited her interest in becoming a police officer. She is currently a police foundations student at Sheridan College.

On Nov. 24, Peel Regional Police hosted a Women in Policing event. More than 80 interested women participated and Jenna was one of them.

“Policing was traditionally known as a male dominated career, so days like today really help to boost my confidence that I can become a police officer,” she said.

While there were many things that appealed to Jenna, the wide variety of roles on the force really spoke to her. Participants saw demonstrations in forensics, K9 and got to participate in some fitness testing, defensive tactics and role play in scenarios that officers deal with on the job.

“There are so many different opportunities but the one big thing is that it’s not a desk job,” she said. “Every day, you end up doing something different.”

Constable Nancy Vellenga of the Uniform Outreach Bureau was instrumental in organizing the day’s event.

“The goal today is to empower these females and give them the confidence to see policing as a career,” said Vellenga. “Peel Regional Police continues its commitment to attract individuals who represent the community we serve.”

According to the Peel Regional Police 2017 annual report, female applications to be an officer increased by 176 per cent when compared to the previous year.

Visit peelpolice.ca for more information.

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