Zero tolerance for speeding in community safety zones

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown with other local dignitaries and members of Peel Regional Police recently gathered at the corner of Ray Lawson Blvd and Cherrytree Drive for the unveiling of the notice sign to introduce the city’s first-ever Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE).

“We have zero tolerance for speeding in Brampton. Automated Speed Enforcement is one of many ways we are working towards reduced vehicle incidents and increased safety in our communities, especially in school zones. I look forward to continuing our work on this in the New Year,” said Brown.

ASE is an automated system that uses a camera and a speed measurement device to help reduce speed in identified areas (school zones and community safety zones across Ontario). ASE captures and records images of vehicles travelling in excess of the posted limit. The implementation of ASE across the province focuses on increasing safety and comfort for local communities, particularly for more vulnerable road users, like children.

In the coming months, staff will work closely with the mayor and councillors to determine additional locations across Brampton where future ASE will be installed. A full report including an implementation plan is expected in early 2020.

The ASE Program supports Brampton’s Healthy and Safe City: Streets for People Term of Council Priority, which incorporates elements of Vision Zero, a regional plan that aims to increase road safety through changes to road design, maintenance and operation, and increased public awareness.

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